In attendance:



  • JP Swag- Ryan?
    1. $18/sweatshirt for stitching. We’ll probably do this and subsidize the stitching, so students only pay for the sweatshirt part
    2. Talk to Rachel to double check with the funds
    3. Budget 1500 dollars for this - 83 shirts
  • MIT committee member lists - Rachel and Jen?
    1. Question: do we even need to make these lists now that APO has all this information…?
    2. APO does have this list
    3. Julia will send us the list that APO has after the 21st
    4. Jen and rachel will fill out what the faculty does
  • Purchase of lawn games (cornhole and ladderball)
    1. Rachel will submit a funding application for this
  • Steinbach scholar updates
    1. BIO – Kevin
      1. Moved to August to avoid scheduling conflicts. Aug 15-17
      2. Working on setting up meetings
    2. At Large - Ryan, Rose, Nathan
    3. Rose is killing it.
  • Yearly report to OGE
    1. Lizzie will ask jp-all-students for photos and a description of the event
  • Recruiting our replacements soon?
    1. Hunger games style recruitment?
    2. Starting to email out to students and get nominations- Nathan will email for at large rep nominations
  • Work order for mold growth on pipes in computer room….
  • Alumni reunion on the 21st - 50th Anniversary
    1. 180 people coming
    2. Tours of the Atlantis
      1. Need people who have been on the Atlantis to help with tours
      2. Emmanuel & Meghan have been on the Atlantis. Let’s ask them.
    3. Tours of labs
    4. Poster session
      1. Only 2 people volunteered
      2. Incentive is free lunch -- they’re charging $50 for lunch
  • Career Panel for non academic careers on July 24th
    1. And a non academic career workshop on August 16th
    2. Coordinate with Kevin b/c same day as Steinbach Scholar